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Merced tutor in reading, math, algebra and test preparation.

Merced tutor in English and Math


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Reading tutoring to improve comprehension, spelling & grammar. Mel’s Tutoring focuses on the student’s strengths.


Improve math & algebra grades quickly.
One-on-one tutoring in math, business math, algebra and geometry for students of all ages.



Make sure you pass.
Specialized tutoring to prepare for exams like CBEST, SAT, GED, ACT, GRE tests and more.


Private one-on-one tutoring sessions to help you with English, Math & Exam Preparation

Finish your homework. Pass the test. Ace the exam.

Millions of children and adults suffer from reading and learning difficulties. These can erode self-confidence,
cause frustration and create behavioral problems. The good news is that tutoring can alleviate these problems
by getting to the source of the difficulty for each individual, and eradicating it…for good!

If you or your child:

  • Hates taking tests and written assignments
  • Falling behind in math or reading
  • Doesn’t want to go to school
  • Struggles with ADHD or Dyslexia
  • Having difficulty preparing for an exam like GED or CBEST

You’ve come to the right place.
My name is Melanie Winter, founder of Mel’s Tutoring in Merced. We offer tutoring in reading, tutoring in math, and preparation in GED, SAT and other exams, as well as homeschooling. At Mel’s Tutoring, we take difficult subjects and make them understandable, attainable, interesting and enjoyable. What once seemed overwhelming is now well within reach!

pic3As my student, you will:

Why choose us?
Mel’s tutoring style brings out the strengths and abilities of each individual student.

“I was a high school dropout, and six years later I told myself I had to do something with my life. But I was scared and doubted myself because I was terrible with math and couldn’t comprehend it. I had less than a month to pass the GED, and I found Mel’s Tutoring. After a few sessions, I got my confidence and Mel made sure I understood before moving on with the next lessons. She truly cares for her clients,and she makes sure they will be able to pass the GED. I took my GED, and I passed it on the first try. If it wasn’t for Mel, I wouldn’t have passed. Now I am in college, starting my career. I highly recommend her for tutoring.” ~ Alicia Love, 24

Start getting better grades and more confidence today. Request a free evaluation for yourself or your child.

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